Wednesday, October 3, 2007

What I miss most

Hey family! I just thought that I would write you all! ok, so I am loving school. But I have to admit, I just miss you all! I was thinking about all the things I miss so I made a list. 1. Mom and Dad chasing each other around the house laughing so hard, and none of us new what they were laughing about:)2. Dad hiding behind a wall (or car) and jumping out to say boo and scaring the bajeebers out of me.3. Moms homeade cooking, mmmm..mmmm.. good4. Watching Syd, Land, and Ken get into a fight, and none of us knew quite what they were fighting about hahah..5. me and shay being penguins and sliding across our beds.. (yeah I don't know if I ever told you bout that..)6. Hearing about your day, what you did, who liked who.. all of it!7. Driving in the car as part of a carpool. I really did love that. Ken, I loved coming to get you at dance, I miss that8. Having dance parties late at night.. poor neighbors9. Watching stars with Lyndee and having the sprinklers turn on10. Washing my car with Landon and Sydnee aka.. the best helpers in the world11. Driving in the car with family and having Landon get car sick.. that always left a story, and to be quite honest.. alot of laughs and crying as well:) hahaha12. I miss the late movie nights by the heater.. we all still fight over the heater.. remind me.. on my christmas list, there will be a heater on it!!:)13. Sitting and talking to mom for hours on end.. poor mom, I think sometimes she was so tired she just nodded her head and said yes.. but that meant alot to me:)14. Sunday dinners, fighting over dishes.. and yes someone always had to go to the bathroom when the word dishes was said.15. Dying easter eggs.. and getting dye all over moms counter.. oops!!!:)16. Painting toe nails, and doing pedicures, even though it made a mess everywhere, all over the floor!!! hahaha..17. BACK MASSAGES!!! I loved that!! ooh! Lyndee is the best back popper there is! 18. Lets see.. I miss watching Landon shoot hoops.. he is so good at that. By the way Land.. I have been shooting hoops here at college, and I don't know how you got it in the hoop. I think I have only made like five baskets.. all the rest were air balls and yes.. hahaha.. you might have to teach me the ropes.19. I miss Lyndee and Kenadee sticking tongues at each other behind moms back.. oops.. don't tell mom:)20. I miss the hustle of getting out the door to school in the morning21. I miss going to the movies with you, and laughing so hard durning the movie that we couldn't stop.. and everyone would say shhhh..22. Sitting in church and looking down the long bench at the cute faces that sat next to me. And the constant war of who gets to sit next to mom.. hahah.. I call her next by the way!!23. Having dad be able to restle six kids at once, and all of us laughing so hard that noone could escape.24. I miss the words " I bet you can't smile" 25. I miss the hugs, the words of comfort, and Sydnee grabbing my face between her hands and asking if i'm ok, and to tough it up:)26. I miss waking up to Landon playing playstation on Saturday mornings.27. I miss the everyday choas at the Anderson house.. Who put what chip into what wall, plastic in the microwave, sand tracking all through the house!28. yard work day!! hahaha actually I really don't know if I miss that.. hahah.. no I'm just kidding.. I miss everyone scattering when the word yard work was said.29. I miss the chases around the bar.. somehow running in a circle makes you laugh really hard, and almost always noone wins.. :)30. I miss the noise!!:) Ok, So my list could go on forever I promise.. But I knew you didn't have all day to read.. so I decided to stop at 30. But basically to sum it all up. I love you guys! I am under the belief that we have the best family on this earth. Now, I know that we aren't perfect. But I do know that we have the spirit in our home, that we have a lot of fun together.. and that you are my best friends. I hope it always stays that way. But thank you for your constant love and support, for your smiles, tears, laughter, trials, and triumphs. You build me up!