Friday, May 23, 2008

okay.. funny story

So, I have to share this story..

Kay, So I am at work at Kohl's, and I am just minding my own business just folding towels and making the home department of our stoor look nice, and this guy comes up to me with I guess were his sisters. So, I kindly greet them with a hello (as we are told to do) and I ask them if they are finding everything okay.. and they say yep.. well I hear these whispers coming from their direction.. and then all of the sudden I am left with this boy and his sisters run off!! What kind sisters he has! =) And he starts talking to me.. kay.. So, I was just like oh my! what to do, What to do.. So, you know he tries to get a conversation going and I was trying to be nice, without being too nice.. there is a fine line though! Anyway.. so this boy pulls out his phone and is about to use the "hey here's my phone.. oh can I get your number by the way" lines.. and he asks so.. your boyfriend would be pretty upset if he saw me talking to you right now wouldn't he. So, I just quickly thought it out.. and I hate to lie.. but I had too! So, I said yep. But it gets better.. he stayed and talked with me for ever after that.. and just wouldn't leave. Oh my, I was like.. okay than.. and he just was a weird guy.. anyway.. he finally doesn't say anything he just leaves! Phew! Crazy utah boys! Dating life is tough! =)

haha.. just thought I would share!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

just reflecting

So, you know those nights where your brain just doesn't want to stop thinking??? Here are just some random thoughts that I have...

1. Shaylee is going to be the prettiest bride! I have the butterflies and the can't eat can't sleep feeling for her.. I am so excited! and Dixon and his family are amazing! I hope that I can be good friends with them too :)

2. I have the best support system!

3. Play dough ice cream is heaven

4. Laughter is the best medicine.. and can brighten any day

5. Patience is a virtue.

6. Little kids are the world's greatest teachers

7. I want to wake up tomorrow at seven am and go running.. the question is.. is can I wake up that early??

8. Random weird boys that hit on me at work.. are well.. weird! and I don't know what to do about them!

9. It takes one minute to meet someone, one hour to get to know someone, one day to love somone, and a lifetime to forget them

10. I wonder what adventures I will embark on this summer..

11. What am I going to do without a roomate? I have never not had one.. cause I have always shared a room with my twin sister shay..

12. Don't settle for anything.. Dream big.

13. I don't have to be a supermodel.. I just have to be myself.