Thursday, February 14, 2008

To like or to dislike Valentines Day?

So, I have decided that Valentines is a great day if you have a man! I mean, they give you flowers and do cute things... and the day is like heaven on earth! But man, without a man, it is still an okay day. You just realize how single you are.. Here's a shout out to all of those who are single along with me=)

Sunday, February 10, 2008

The funnest date

So, a bunch of me and my friends went on this date. Now, I got to go with one of my friends that is a twin, and then one of my best friends (lindsay) got to go with the other twin. Oh man, it was so much fun.

Here are some gudelines that made this date so much fun!

So here is a good date idea if anyone is looking for one.. ok ya ready... a PILLOW FIGHT! now, I know it sounds lame at first. But trust me, get a big group of people together and start a pillow fight, I guarantee there will be lots of laughs, and maybe some things broken=) but it is a blast!

Also, side note.. never.. i repeat never.. fall in the ice in a skirt!

When you go to a dance, even if it isn't the funnest of all dances.. ask one of your friends who you know pretty well to go with you.. because you can be yourself and dance your heart out. Using pretend microphones is always a bonus!

Last but not least.. never call them the wrong name! hahaha.. Long story!!! =)

And least and last... laugh till you cry, and just enjoy every second!

Friday, February 8, 2008

Growing up is hard =)

So, this week presented many challenges.. And I can honestly say.. it is hard growing up. Sometimes I wish I could sit and an go back to the innocence of childhood!=) But I find that each moment that we get we can take to learn more about ourselves.. and who we are, and who we are becomming! I truly believe that Heavenly Father blesses us in mysterious ways.. and how grateful I am for those blessings!

So in the midst of all the hard tirals.. there is always sunshine.. we just have to look outside and see all that He has given us!