Sunday, March 16, 2008


You know when you wait for spring break to come, and it inches closer and closer, and then all of the sudden it is just gone in a flash? haha.. well, I have just been having the BEST spring break I have ever had in my entire life! Get a group of friends to hop on board and go to Southern Utah! It equals the time of my life! How grateful I am for the break from school, and who to better spend it with! aah! I am so thankful for the springtime! And the break from school! Whoo!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The BEST thing in the whole world is being a twin!

So, I decided.. it is about time that I dedicate a page to my twin sister aka my best friend in the whole world.. SHAYLEE ANDERSON (leavitt almost)!!! Okay, so there are just some things many of you don't understand about me and Shay's relationship.. haha.. Shay is the kind of person who can put sunshine into my day no matter what! She is my shoulder to cry on, my confident, my cheerleader, my best friend! I look up to my sister so much! You see, there is just no one else out there like her! I don't think I have ever heard Shay talk bad about a person, she just has this light about her that brightens any room that she walks into! Aah! I just love my sister so much! You see, I always have a best friend no matter what the situation is! She is the only person that can give me straight up honest advice and me not crawl in a corner. She is the only one who will eat cereal with me at twelve o clock in the morning! She is the only one who will fall asleep on me when we talk so late into the night! =) She is constantly dreaming, and she sets her goals high to be able to accomplish her dreams! She is a constant friend to everyone that she comes in contact with! She is my guardian angel! Shay! I love you sweet sister! I am so glad that we are twins! Thank you so much for the countless times you are there for me, and for being patient with me!

Aah! I love being a twin!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Oh the horrors of MATH!!! =0)

So, I went to math today.. and my teacher was sick with pnemonia..NOOOOO!!!!!! oh man! So we had a substitute. And you know when a substitute tries to teach math.. well that is how it went.. and then I try to go get help in the math lab.. and I just got so confused! Why do I even need to take math anyhow?? haha.. somedays it seems like a foreign language to me! Man! I admire anyone that can do math!