Sunday, September 28, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom and Dad!

I am the luckiest girl in the whole world to have the parents that I do. My mom and dad just turned 42 in the last two weeks.. and one tradition we have in our family is tell the things that we love about the person whose birthday it is.. and I can't pass up that opportunity.. even if it is a little belated.

Since my dad's birthday was first I will start with him! My dad is one of the funniest, most caring, hardworking person that I have ever met in my life. I can't talk to my dad without laughing or smiling at one thing or another. Here are just a few treasured memories that I have with my dad.

-My dad surprised me at work one day. He called my boss and told asked her if I could have the night off. So my boss called me and told me that my dad needed me to go home. I was so worried that something was wrong.. but I walked in the door of my house and my dad said "Kylee you look beautiful! Are you ready to go?" and I asked "go where?" and he just told me to hop in the car. So I did.. and we drove to Salt Lake and he took me to training table.. I was so confused as to why we drove clear to Salt Lake to go to training table.. but after dinner we were crossing the street and this big sign said that Michael Buble was playing in concert that night.. and my dad surprised me with 10th row tickets to the concert. I had so much fun!

-It was my first semester in college and it was the monday of finals week and my dad surprised me by coming down to school and bringing me a good luck present.

-My dad loves to talk in different accents. On the way home from a vacation he talked in and Irish accent for at least a half hour straight.. and we all could not stop laughing :)

- This summer my dad would often saunder down the stairs late at night and find me just sitting there and he would sit and talk.. I loved it!

-I love the little texts I get!

-He can make everything okay.. no matter what the situation is!

-He loves to have fun! I love that when we go on vacations we can always plan on having tons of fun!

-My dad loves to rhyme.. and sometimes he just gets on these rolls.. and can rhyme and rhyme and rhyme.. and we all just sit and laugh!

-He is the best on the bbq and breakfast and cookies!

Happy Birthday dad! =)

Now for my mom =) My mom is the most sincere, tender hearted, strongest, patient, most friendly person that I have ever known. I admire her so much.. and I feel that if I could even be half the person that she is when I grow up I would be so happy. Here are some of my most treasured memories and things that I love with my mom.

- This summer I was out talking with this boy that I really liked until two o clock in the morning.. it was one of those DTR talks.. and I came in and ran downstairs to my room.. well I hear someone coming down the stairs.. and I thought it was my dad, so I pretended to be asleep.. but it was my sweet mom. She came in and said "Ky?" and I was so surprised! I was like "Mom?" and she ran to my bed and layed down and grabbed some blankets.. (I was sleeping in Shay's bed that night for some reason) and she said okay.. tell me everything. Me and my mom talked for at least an hour and a half.. and she is just my best friend.. with me through thick and through thin.

-Me and mom were in church many times this summer in sunday school and would just bust a gut laughing at something or another.

-My mom is constantly laughing.. I love the sound of her laugh.. it is music to my ears!

-She is known for her pumpkin, banana, and zucchini bread.. and her sunday dinners!

-I had home release my last semester of high school and me and my mom would eat lunch together.. and we would go shopping, and just sit and talk for hours!

-My mom came to school to take me to see the Emma Smith movie! and we could cry together!

-My mom would always leave me notes that just made my day to find!

- Me and my mom got lost on snow mobiles one time.. and we were scared for our lives! I just remember we said so many prayers that day.. and we got lots of laughs out of that afterwords!

-My mom made me try out for colorguard captain.. and I thought that I would never make it and was on the verge of not trying out....

-My mom would always dance around the kitchen doing cheers! I love it!

-My mom is my biggest cheerleader!

I love you mom.. happy Birthday!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Sorry Shay and Dixon =)

haha.. so today I get on and I am re reading what I wrote last night on my blog.. I was so sleepy last night.. but anyway.. I opened up my blog.. and just started laughing.. cause the picture of Shay and Dixon is the first picture you see when my page plops up.. and it looks like I am the one that is married :) hahaha.. Oh man.. I could not get those pictures to cooperate with me last night.. so that picture had to be first, but I didn't think anything of it until just now.. Sorry Shay and Dixon! Just know I love you :)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My Family

I have been in such a reflective mood today.. and all I can think about is my cute family. I thought I would share some thoughts..

-My family is my very best friends

-My favorite trip was going to Florida with them.. and I got stuck in between the wall and the bed.. and me and Lyndee were laughing so hard cause they couldn't pull me out.

-I love to be a cheerleader and go watch Landon play football and Lyndee play soccer and Kena dance and Sydnee play soccer and Shay working :)

-When we were little we would go on Sunday drives alot of Sundays. We would drive around for hours.. I didn't love it when I was little.. but I love it now

-Landon gives the best hugs

-My parents listen to me no matter what.. they are the most selfless people I know

-Me and Lyndee and Shay would always make up dances when we were little.. my favorite was the Rockin Robin dance..

-Dad always makes vacations fun.. he is a little kid at heart
-Mom's homeade pumpkin, banana, and zuccini bread
Oh there are so many things I could say.. these are just a sample. I love them so much! They are my life savers.. They lift me up on a daily basis.. and I look up to them so much!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

It was the best of days.. it was the worst of days...

Okay.. so first off.. I will start by saying.. what an adventureful saturday! You might be looking at these pictures and start to panic.. but no worries everything turned out just fine!

Backing up a little bit..

A couple days before Saturday

Wess: KYLEE! Do you want to go on a date four wheeling on Friday?
Kylee: Oh my! That sounds like so much fun! I would love to!
Wess: Sweet! We will pick you up at eleven am on Saturday. Oh, and do you possibly have a friend who would want to come too? My friend needs a date :)
Kylee: My roomate Melanie would love to!
Wess: Sweet! Sounds like a plan! See ya then!

And that was how this whole adventure started :)

On Saturday they were right on time! Me and Mel were stoked! We were so excited to hang out with these cute nice boys and just have a great time! So, we got to Joel's (Mel's date) house and hopped on the four wheelers.. and I was wondering why they didn't give us helmets to wear.. but I didn't ask.. but anyway.. so there was

three couples. Me and Wess, Mel and Joel, and Kurt and Ashley. And there were three four wheelers so we just rode together. Oh my it was so much fun! We got to this hidden lake in the mountains and there was this giant rope swing and everyone jumped off of it into the f
reezing lake except me and Ash.. I should have done it, but I was such a chicken.. that water looked freezing :) The boys started a campfire and we roa
sted hot dogs and we had such a fun picnic. Honestly, it was one of the funnest things I have ever done. It was so nice being up in the mountains and getting away for a little bit. The boys were so nice.. actually some of the nicest, funniest guys I have ever met.. So good company, good food, great activity, beautful
rm day.. it couldn't get any better.

Well the boys drove the four wheelers to the lake and so they wanted the girls to have their turn and drive back to Joel's house. Well Me and Wess headed out first and Mel and Joel were right behind us, and Kurt and Ash were right behind them.. Well we were about ten minutes away from Joel's house and me and Wess had just went around this big hill. Right before we went over
it we looked back and sure enough Mel was right behind me. Well we look back about a minute later and I was completely dissoritented.. I had no idea where I was.. this was definately not the way we had came. So, me and Wess decided to wait for everyone, and after five minutes of waiting we decided to keep going, because Wess knew where I was at. Well my phone starts to ring just as we were getting out of the canyon.. so I answered it, and it was Joel saying "Kylee you need to come back to that big hill" and I asked what was wrong and he said "We rolled the
four wheeler.." And I asked if he was okay.. he was and then I asked if Mel was okay. He seemed panicked and said he didn't know. She was concious but couldn't get up.

Wess and me hurried back

When we got there Mel was just laying there on the hill on her stomach. there was a jeep that was "diggin" or four wheelin.. and we flagged him down and he came over.. he happened to be in the emt class and he took a look at her and called the ambulance.

The ambulance came.

They put Mel on a stretcher wrapped her all up like on all the movies and put her in the ambulance. I got to ride in the ambulance with her.. I got to sit in the front seat. I've never got to be in an ambulance before, so that in itself was quite the adventure! I was amazed Melanie didn't cry once. She had the bravest face I have ever seen.. and all of the emt's were grandpa's and Mel made best friends with them! I admire her so much!

We arrived at the hospital

I'm not too familiar with hospitals I have never been in the ER.. but man that is a happinin and busy place. It took the doctors four hours to take all of the X-rays and to figure out what to do.. the doctors in smaller towns don't always have the equipment they need.. so they decided to send Mel up North in an ambulance. They wouldn't let me ride in the ambulance this time.. And those cute boys were exhausted.. by this time it was eight at night and they had been waiting in the waiting room all night.. anyway I told them to go home, and I just started crying.. I had been tough all day, and had called Mel's parents to tell them the details.. I just broke when I got into my car. I called my friend Jared.. and Jared drove me up north to meet Mel's parents at the Provo hospital. Mel ended up being okay.. she got to provo and the doctor said there would be no surgery and nothing was really broken except her wrist. . and she was very very lucky.

Me and Jared got back to ephraim about three am.. what a crazy day! I am so thankful that Mel is okay! It has put me in such a reflective mood.. Life's can be taken away so fast.. IT makes me so grateful for the people in my life and for just every second!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Believe it or not.. I have a twin..

Haha.. so today I am looking over our ward list and the pictures with all of the girls in my ward.. and I see this girl that no kidding looks exactly like me. I looked at the name, and I looked at the picture.. and it was a different girl by the name of I think Sarah.. which is funny because that used to be my nickname.. or part of a nickname when I was little (haha.. shay you will get that part=)) Anyway.. so.. she has dark hair and brown eyes.. so we aren't identical.. but she has the same nose, chin, and smile as me! Weird huh! Shay doesn't even look that much like me.. crazy huh.