Wednesday, August 27, 2008

History Class

You know those days where you are in class and the teacher is teaching and you know they are saying something really important that is going to be on the test? And your eyelids just feel so heavy, but you try your hardest to fight to stay awake. You fidget around with your backpack, put lip gloss on, doodle on your notes, drink water, stretch.. and yet nothing seems to work? Then you look at the clock and no time has passed at all.. and you know your doomed?!:) Well.. that was how history was for me the other day.. and I guess I was dozing off but woke up really fast only to look up and find this kid laughing at me. hahah.. I mean I think I would laugh at me too.. I was probably quite the sight! But still.. full on laughing at me! haha.. so that woke me up.. I was so embarrassed.. and after class he comes up to me and says I am so sorry, but you just made my day.. I guess he had been dozing off too and woke up with a start and looked back at the class only to see me doing the exact same thing! Next class period he brought me smarties.. so that I could stay awake.. funny huh!

Lesson Learned

Oh man! I am trying to figure out how to start this story! =) Okay, so being on leadership, one of the things I have an opportunity to get to do is welcome our foreign exchange students to snow.. and show them where they live and get them all settled in. It is such a neat opportunity, and my heart truly reaches out to them. Can you imagine moving thousands of miles to a new country only know how to speak a tiny bit of english.. I mean we don't even have the same alphabet! I don't think I could do it! Okay, so anyway.. their plane didn't fly in until late at night so they didn't arrive here until about eleven o' clock. Anyway, so a bunch of us were there ready to greet them.. and me and my friend meet our fellow students who had just had a two day long flight.. and Kylee realizes her car can't fit all of their luggage let alone all of their luggage plus me, my friend, and these two students! So, I didn't know what to do.. So luckily they had the wheeley suitcases.. but I felt so bad cause we just had to walk around trying to find out where they live. I thought I knew where they lived.. but when we got to where I thought their apartments were.. there were no apartments.. PROBLEMO! so.. we kept walking.. I ran back and got my car and tried to drive ahead.. and by this time about a half hour has passed with the four of us trugging the streets of Ephraim late late at night. Anyway, so we finally found one of their apartments and get them all settled in.. and we walk back out to my car to take the other student to his apartment.. and I realize that my keys are no where to be found.. haha.. I couldn't help but just laugh to myself.. because these poor people.. they travel all this way to only travel more.. and now my keys are gone! So with much ado.. we searched for my keys and eventually found them as we retraced my tracks :) haha.. then my keys almost got locked in my car with all of the luggage.. but we won't go there.. but so then this other student didn't live in apartments.. he lived in like a town house.. and I didn't have an address.. so we were just driving around looking for a white town house in the general area that it was supposed to be in.. and we saw a house and we were like "AH HA!" we have found it! and we tried the key.. and it didn't work.. pretty sure a family lived in the house that we were trying to get into.. I am sure they thought we were trying to break in.. so we drove around for like ten minutes.. and now it is about midnight.. and we finally make a few phone calls and get pointed in the right direction.. And we all made it home in one peace.. I hope I didn't traumatize these guys to much.. So the lesson to be learned is.. if you get to host people and show them where they will be going.. make sure you find where you are going before you try to show them :)